Chongqing zhi bo was established in 2003, has 11 years so far. The earliest company is mainly engaged in product design, new product development, mold design, etc. Because the company leader is a professional engaged in machinery, so the mechanical processing, intelligent manufacture, green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction have a strong desire. The company is mainly engaged in die casting mould, aluminium alloy liquid forging mould, metal cold extrusion mould manufacturing (temperature). Across the currently engaged in the enterprise of liquid die forging for the few, bo is one of the enterprises engaged in the liquid die forging. In order to energy conservation and emissions reduction, green environmental protection of most of our metal products are using cold extrusion processing technology of production. At present, the company in chongqing yongchuan has its own production base, are well-known domestic and foreign industry partners.

   I think through the efforts of everyone, the company will be better and better, and will be change traditional industry leader.